In the late ‘70s, after having worked with some of the most prestigious fashion companies, ENRICO GI proposed his first prÊt-À-porter show deciding to astonish the guests, giving them a perfume: HIS perfume!

ENRICO GI has always loved fragrances and on this occasion he created his own. It was the birth of “DELIRIVM”, the second or maybe the third perfume of an Italian Fashion Designer, a great media success; just think that even VOGUE PARIS acclaimed it, dedicating to “DELIRIVM” an article, an extraordinary event at that time!

Since then, after a trading company took over the brand, 17 fragrances have diffused their new and sophisticated notes all over the world, always characterized by rarity and exclusivity, details which made this brand the founder of the niche fragrances “ante litteram”! Always under the strict eye of Mr Enrico Gi…